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Are we reaching a point were we are continuously stuffing ourselves with content but unable to create anything from it that is original. Is our eagerness to consume knowledge and multitask every second of the day turning all this knowledge into entertainment – rather than insight?

In a response to an article on numbing sameness a friend of mine, @runeb, suggested that we build the idea into an application
. It’s a simple app. doing only one thing: Counting down five minutes and giving you a slight vibration at the end.

From the app. description in iTunes.


    According to the Thomas Geuken at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies the days of small boring breaks are long gone for some people, as we no longer just sit and wait, but rush to fill every break with content or an activity. The problem is that these “boring” breaks are more important than we think:

    “We live in a time with more than enough information, but to little reflection

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    . And it is in the breaks reflection occurs” – Thomas Geuken

    relax & reflect does just this, it unplugs you from everything for five minutes, gives you a boring break and much needed time for your brain to reflect.”

Find your time to relax and reflect here.


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