For the last fifteen years I have assisted companies and organizations in their job to understand digital.


You can find me on Linkedin: no.linkedin.com/in/helgetenno/en

– How digital changes the habits, behaviors and demands of their customers – and which opportunities this creates; new income streams, new mechanisms for loyalty and how to turn non-customers into new customers.

The two major barriers companies face is 19th century management practices and limiting their thinking to the current – and contracting – idea of belonging to and industry.

At the same time, customers, who hold the/a key to future business opportunities, are still only paid lip service by organizations. Classic terminology such as advertising, design and customer relationship management have been inflated with new terms like user experience and customer experience – but all of them still only do one thing: keep customers on the outside

I have concentrated on understanding the customer

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. And bringing this insight into the company, to help them make fewer and more concentrated choices on where to invest and how to build the strongest, most valuable relationships.

The change isn’t digital – its societal. It affects corporate culture, management, business ideas and customer outcomes. Companies need to fuel their conversations and enforce limitation with customer and technology insight.

Every change I have come by can be tracked back to the same fundamental force – the change in the customer’s demand pattern.
In my experience a company’s ability to accommodate its future customers is given by its capacity to: 1. Understand itself as part of something larger than its own industry and 2. Prioritize emerging customer demand.

And this is my job:
I help companies and organisations understand the emerging customer dynamics in the context of technology and their business. Assisting in the design of customer activated strategies and solutions.


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  4. Great blog and content. Continue like that. I do also think we need a customer job canvas. Not yet fully convinced by your proposal but already great step forward.

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