Outside … (video)

This is the video of my Outside – the future is not in front of us presentation at Idejax in Zagreb in May. (Many thanks to the Idejax team for editing the video :)

Also, much attribution is needed to Kevin Kelly and his newest book What Technology Wants which I was reading at the time and reference a lot in the talk

Find the full manuscript of the talk here

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Find the video on http://vimeo.com/28830253.

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  1. Ingmar de Lange
    September 13

    Hi Helge,

    Very interesting, as always, I’m a fan.



  2. Arno Laeven
    October 10

    Interesting as always. You connect the dots of some brilliant thinkers and add your own perspective. It helps in understanding the new reality of technology and media.
    One request/suggestion: could you accompany your slideshows maybe with your narrative or transcript?

    thanks and keep on posting!

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