Not the last word

Scott Karp writes a valuable post on how Newsrooms throw away value by not linking to sources on the web.

Very apparent knowledge which I hadn’t though of in that way before, but makes excellent sense once the thought has been exposed

Just yesterday I was scouring the web for information on chocolate and found a river of articles on Each article linking to other related articles – referenced by the author inside the text – not in an external portlet or column

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. But each time the river of links pointed to a newspaper site the water stopped. It was just the editorial text, not a hyperlink to relevant or interesting bits of knowledge anywhere else. That is a waste…

It all reminds me of a quote by an USA Today from a couple of years back:

    “We’re strong believers that our stories are the beginnings of a conversation, not the last word” –

And of course, the video of Jay Rosen found at the end of the post is most recommended.

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