Storytelling above/and/or distribution

A post over at Faris Blog included a video (found below) where prominent personalities seem to discuss the importance of technology over/and/or storytelling.

I left a comment stating my view on the importance of distribution/technology, but the “superiority” of the story


Feeling that the focus on the first (technology/distribution) is extremely fertile and necessary for the advertisng industry, but it will and should never deviate from it’s core (the story)

Thinking of technology might be a simple way out, but it1s not a brand strategy:

    In my view, I would agree with Porter: Great advertising is still about the great idea, the story, the concept, the meaning.

    But the rules of distribution have changed
    . Where the magnitude of available channels has increased our awareness, interest and exploration of each channels unique ability to communicate the story and getting it adopted by the consumer (The technology at the point of creativity as you I understand you say?). Choosing the right channels and playing on it’s strengths has become essential to great brand building

    Just because our awareness of the channels have increased doesn’t mean we can ditch the story – the core of our brand (If I am understanding the views of some people in the video correctly)

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    . Technology / distribution is still just tools, being brought to life through the essence of our story.

    What is distribution without story? :o)

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