Anticipation, more important than minutes?

Getting your online experiences of on a flying start isn’t only about first impressions or low thresholds

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. It’s also about creating great anticipation.

Neuroscientist have discovered that anticipation grants you more than an eager and dedicated participant
. Great anticipation also makes sure that the experience makes a stronger impact on memory.

It could lead to a discussion on if a great start, building anticipation, is more important than making the participant engage with the solution for x amounts of minutes… (link)

Quoted from the much recommended book Neuromarkting by Renvoisé & Morin.

    “Neuroscientists have recently discovered that there might be something else affecting our level of attention for specific events: it is simply the degree to which those events trigger one of the greatest forms of pleasure to our brains – anticipation. Indeed, when we anticipate, we actually produce more dopamine in an area called “the reward center” located in the old brain. The change of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, will raise attention because it produces a natural high to our brain and improves our ability to retain and recall specific details of our experience.”

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