We are in culture not in sales

When the mobile and social web combine they create the basis for a completely new Internet. Which radically differentiates itself from the shape of the current one.

Why is the mobile social Internet different from the old Internet?
The history of technology is not what we assume. Progress does not follow a straight line. It is pushed sideways through seemingly random collisions between existing and familiar technologies – with the result being something radically different.

To my best interpretation this is what is happening now:
The first generation Internet was/is a one dimensional information web, and we have unsuccessfully tried to build bigger ideas on top of it. Now, the mobile social web is shaping up to be a much better infrastructure to build new ideas in.

The mobile social web is our secret sauce. (We just have to stop thinking of it as: 1. A smaller version of the Internet and 2. Facebook)

It has always been about culture!
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. But we are now given a front door access to the other side of the purchase, so that we can participate and even parttake in designing the culture around our products. And we need to start bringing more of the direct experience of culture back into the sale and retail experiences.

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  1. really good stuff here — I particularly appreciate the point about people being more valuable owning & using your product than thinking about buying it — companies need to adopt a broader view of the role of marketing — it’s about enhancing the entire experience, not just the sales part — denise lee yohn

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