The portable device (mobile) future is an interactive one…

We always think of innovation as following in a straight vector from where we are today (that’s why all thos 50’s and 60’s movies about the future is all wrong). Because what tends to happen is that a totally unexpected invention (or vector) interrupts the current vector and creates a new vector which is the future vector :o)

DVD’s didn’t hit big time before we got bigger screens, and is mor environmental driving going to come from different fuels, better driving or lighter materials used in cars?

When it comes to mobile most people seem hung up on the telephone device becoming a multimedia center, but it will never serve as anything other than an “on the move” substitute for the real thing (we are barking up the wrong three here guys)

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What will happen is that the portable device (as the telephone function soon will be only secondary) will become a transmitter where cities wil react according to the feedback they get from the collective whole of portable devices. (just look til wikicity or real time rome).

The other thing is that as the physical world turns as interactive as the digital world, it is the portable device, or an instance of it, that will serve as a remote control in order to involve and interact with the experiences.

Just found this via Lifehacker.
. it’s only a teaser…

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