The future of the web is browserless.

Implementing every thinkable applications interface into the browsers GUI is just way to unnecessarily complicated. The future is not Free web-version of software, but “Cooperative Licensed” software with all the features of the cooperative and “everywhere” web implemented.

Adobe Air has already launched some really interesting novelty applications, where as Google Gears seem to have it the other way around (making web applications accessible off line, not taking offline applications online) and Mozilla Prism is just way to complicated (you can create an offline app

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. out of every web app..) – but interesting.

Robert Scoble has a nice take on the the next wave of web-based work apps over at Fast Company: Office in a Cloud (which is one take on it)

I’m definitely looking forward to the future where experiential marketing’s most important focus will be online, portable services.

Adobe Air

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