The four dimensions of the “mobile” future

An excellent post by Marek Pawlowski over at points out the changing perspective for mobile phones as they move from handheld to an interactive element in larger environments.

“The mobile phone started as a device for the ear and has since become a device that is also for the eye. In both of these scenarios, the consistent factor is that the phone remains cradled in the palm of the hand – in 30 years of mobile handset design, this has been one of the few constants

Finally, that is starting to change. Driven by applications like mapping, music, video and tele-conferencing, the handset is increasingly migrating from our palms and finding a new place in the environment around us.”

Well written and rich, it’s contents are a much recommended read. Personally I find that it ads a good argument to the fourth dimension of mobile phone trends:

Media: The mobile phone as a portable media device.
Interface: The adaptability and tailoring of interfaces to increase intuitiveness, desirability and serve a defined task.
Environment: As the mobile moves out of the hand and into the environment.
Remote control: As the handset gets used for concios and unconcious interaction with the environment

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Four Dimensions