Five future trends

This is all piss. Trendwatching sent me an e-mail today with this text in it:

Dear helge,

I can haz home?We hope you enjoyed the very special trend briefing we sent you yesterday. If you didn’t, then please pour yourself a strong cup of coffee and take another close look
. It’s a SPOOF. Fake. Not to be taken at face value. Even most of the sites we referred to are, well, ours—and entirely fictitious.

We thought it would be fun, just for once, to mock overzealous marketers, crass consumerism and—above all—ourselves. :-) So please don’t ditch your pet, stay in ugly hotels, pollute the earth, paint your walls turquoise or start marketing to unborn babies, OK?

Rest assured that we’ll back with ‘real’ trends in December, the kind of trends you’ve been getting from us since 2002. If you can’t wait that long, check out our Trend Database or our 2008 Trend Report. All real, all authentic, all useful. ;-)


Reinier Evers

Which of course puts the following post in perspective, as I believed them and anticipated that their findings wasn’t a load of bull but based on real reserch – thats what happens when you trust someone too much

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Trendwatching (a must read) updates this months edition with a look and a re-look at some future trends:

1. Start listening to the consumers of tomorrow, Generation Z haven’t even had time to inhale their first breath of air before marketers are throwing themselves over them.. Be prepared.

2. People are becoming bland.. staying away from hip brands and embracing the stuff the is mediocre.

3. People are idiots, even before the eco-turaround is starting to weigh in people are “getting tired” of being told what not to do and doing the opposite – meaning turning away from ecofriendly products. (spoiled youmans in western cultures need to see more of the poverty and Gazas of the world to become more appreciative).

4. People are getting tired of their Paris Hilton pets and understanding the gravity the responsibility of having a pet means: Pet-Passé.

5. And the colour Turqoiuse.

Read more on Trendwatching…

Generation Z

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