Without dialogue and participation companies get stuck.

The traditional media model is a triple negative:

    – No direct relation between companies and people

    acquired, global or situational. Adequate attention to viagra for sale erection usually begins within 20 minutes. Its principal.


    – Focus on unique narratives as band aid for lack of unique and differentiating products.

    – Having to force complex company/product value propositions into short, simple, media format narratives
    . (Advertising Next, Tom Himpe)

In this world companies stopped being companies and became brands. People became consumers and customers.

. a double negative:

    – The tangible value provided by the product is replaced by an artificial generic marketing narrative

    – “Consumers and customers” as terms replace complex human beings with labels
    . C&C have no motivation or aspiration, just two goals: Getting hold of something, and then making it disappear.

The problem with the traditional media mindset is:

    – It forces brands into impossible “time slots”, where the communication has to attract attention (which takes most of our resources) and present a unique and identifiable value.

    – There is no response…

And this (“no response”) is the real challenge… because without response companies get stuck.

Brands tell brilliant stories, which in the end are the only stories they listen to, or probably more correct: the only ones they listen FOR. Brands start believing their own generic narrative and listen for it when talking to customers and consumers, while the reality is that there are thousands of narratives, or millions, out there: (

And with no healthy response cycle, there is no product/tangible value response, just brand/narrative adaption. So, companies get stuck.

That is the beauty of the opportunities rising from dialogue and participation (mistakenly labeled “social media” as if it is a destination…), its an opportunity to break with this and start learning about the product and the real tangible value it is creating in peoples lives.


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  1. February 15

    I couldn’t agree more. In my work with independent schools the most powerful quotes or conversations don’t come from the school itself but from the parents, students, grandparents that are living their shared experience of the school. I think we can all learn a lesson that while traditional media isn’t dead it is definitely changing direction.

  2. Mike Looney
    February 15

    absolutely agree with the notion that “brands start believing their own generic narrative”

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