What ever died?

As a blogger, tweeter, writer and presenter of new ideas and new landscapes I often get accused of saying that things will die – even if I extensively make a point of insisting to my readers, listeners and participants that I don’t.

I believe that nothing dies, that stuff change and adapt but never disappear. It’s like a marketing mechanism for stuff: as new technology arrives the old stuff gets better at doing what it is good at, while the new stuff takes over what the old stuff was bad at.

But there are a great deal of bloggers, tweeters, writers and presenters out there who claim that things have died or are going to die

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. and I would like to challenge them all, to prove me wrong.

So, an encouragement to my brilliant readers, listeners and participants:
Please prove me wrong, and help me create a list of stuff that has died in the comment section of this post.

Thanks :)
(And I’ll do a follow up based on the answers)

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  1. April 1

    All I can think of is things that have lost a format war – betamax, sega dreamcast, hd-dvd etc…

  2. April 1

    A good addition Simon, as you say; they losers of format wars tend to disappear. :)

  3. Great thought provoking topic. I’ve been thinking about it too since our last exchange. And Simon makes a good point. Formats or species die, but the larger category remains intact, and yes new species evolve to take over. I believe that’s what you’re saying. It’s Darwin’s Evolution of the Species …in marketing and technology. Have you seen this great article by Clay Shirky on the necessary collapse of complex systems? I think it’s very relevant to this discussion. http://bit.ly/cKHBMo

  4. April 16

    Format, species and behaviour dies. I added behavior since new technology evolves behavior and makes “older” behavior obsolete.

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