Creativity implies creating new stuff by combining two or more existing ideas

. But, ‘creativity’ is a generic term
. It is abstract and has no reference to quality in regards to a specific situation or task. Creativity is not a goal in itself, it’s the character of an activity; it implies nothing more than an exploration with the intention of connecting something known, but previously unconnected

Creativity is not focused on finding the best solution, but an original one. Telling someone that we are going to have a creative process implies nothing more than: ‘We are going to spend some time coming up with something new”. When it should be: ‘We are going to come up with some shit that really works’

Everyone is creative, every industry is creative; be they accountants, conceptual artists, storytellers or craftsmen

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. We pursue a creative process in order to find original answers.

Selling a creative product gives no implication of craft or process, no suggestion of specialization or expertise. Creativity is a given, in every line of work in the knowledge industry, it’s not a specialty.

My issue is with how we articulate our product and what we are loosing from using the wrong labels. My question is: “why are we selling this commodity as a specialized product?”

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  1. Mpag
    June 6

    Let me quote my teacher Bruno Munari, creativity is intrinsic to human survival. Unfortunately sometimes we forget it or we use it inconsistently.
    Hello Helge…
    The purpose of creativity should be to resolve, bringing one or more solutions to a problem … But to achieve this we need an “ideal”, unfortunately today we talk about goals, but yesterday we were talking about ideals social, cultural thus have generated phenomena, avant-garde, the difference is substantial in terms of the postulate .. .
    Today we are too interested in the resolution of the problem and lose sight of the overall complexity of the problem, the turbulence of change unfortunately affect us, we rush to give us answers that most often are parts of a system more complex and articulated. .
    Sorry for my English
    Hello MPAG

  2. Andrew Osoro
    August 26

    Hello MPAG (too),

    No need to apologise for your English…..I absolutely agree with you…amd half the time i dint get you at all. Thank you.

    Hello MPAG

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