Shrinking space available for UI puts increased demand on REAL graphical elements.

CMMIn Japan they are about to see a decline in the relevance of PCs due to the increase in use of handsets, portable devices and micro computers. (Link to psfk)


What does this mean for visual communication? As some of todays smallest devices (mobilephones use mainly text in their user interfaces (the unfortunate WAP-standard)

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. Are we going back to the stone ages?


I hope not…


WAP and other text-based graphical user interfaces are hopefully and to a large extent a thing of the past, it seems we can thank Opera, iPod+Safari and Photosynth for that. Which is a good thing since text isn’t very scaleable and it is very slow to consume.

As we move onto smaller and smaller handsets with richer technology and the ability to present more pixels and colors within the same screen realestate there will also be a need for better visual experiences concerning communication through purely grahical and animated elements. Icons is a good example of this, but also non-verbal wayfinding. Plus plus a whole host of stuff we just don’t know yet

Image by Mattmo on Flickr.

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