An immersive audio guide experience for mobile

Louis Vuitton ads to the mobile experience by creating three audio guides for walkers strolling through the cities of Bejing, Hong Kong or Shanghai.

I like the fact that they let technology be technology and focused on the experience not the possibilities through advanced geo targeting etc

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. Keeping it simple and focused, and putting the narratives in control

Visit: Louis Vuitton Soundwalk

From the mobile blog m-trends:

    “The Louis Vuitton Soundwalk, a unique location-based urban soundtrack, produced in collaboration with Soundwalk is a cutting-edge audio guide, available in six languages, offerring a vibrant portrayal of three Chinese cities – Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai – following the footsteps of the three greatest icons of Chinese Cinema: Gong Li for Beijing, Shu Qi for Hong Kong and Joan Chen for Shanghai.”

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  1. Todd
    June 24

    Shu Qi and Joan Chen are icons?

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