Something completely new

We tend to forget that technology in itself is unusable, it is only when it is shaped into things people want that it has an effect on people and business.

    “Technology creates needs, not the other way around” – Donald Norman

The role of the designer in this is to turn technology into something people can use, something that awakens people’s interest, motivates them to learn, creates a passion and eventually ends up changing their habits

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If you look around you, most or all of the things you own or use every day is designed technology. Shaped into products that didn’t exist two, ten or a hundred years ago – stuff you can’t live without today.

The mobile future is not about the global success stories from the Cokes, Nikes and Apples of the world. The mobile future is about the every day SMALL things that make what WE do, simpler, smaller or smarter. Which means what businesses do in order to create new customers, build stronger brands or even explore and develop new business models.

The mobile future is simply about two things: Capitalizing on relationships and redefining business.

So when you think of mobile, it is most likely not a solution to a need that is already voiced, it is not a smaller version of something you are already selling. Mobile is you offering your customers something completely new.

That is mobile – something completely new.

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