How do we move on from Appiness?

In the mobile world Appiness is a term used both by Apple and app-producers. The term has had a great ring to it in 2010. But everybody knows that in order for mobile to move on; from being a novelty to finding a seat in every organizations marketing communications and business strategy, something will have to happen

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. But what?

The solution is simple, the Internet used to be about communicating information. Marketing was the distribution of content. But now, with mobile spearheading the initiative. The services revolution is coming. Companies are seeing that including a services package around the product far outweighs the benefits and incentives for brand loyalty compared to the traditional banner advertisement or brochures / direct mail.

Where I would argue Appiness is all about the novelty and “the million downloads”, the services revolution will be about integrating your mobile services into your customer relationship. Measuring downloads as a success metrics will be a thing of the past, one would rather measure the percentage of total customers taking advantage of the program. And the services won’t be games or freebies
. It will be perfectly integrated smartness into the context that you are already in, extending the value already offered by your product.

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  1. February 17

    Hey Helge,

    I think this is spot on. The initial rush of just being on the iPhone or Android is going to pass for most brands, and the key stat is going to shift from downloads (novelty) to re-usage (value). Or a combination thereof really.

    Had a though along those lines in my branded apps benchmark post (, but was a bit buried. Think you are right to call it out as the key trend now, it’s time!

    All the best,

  2. February 17

    Hi Geoff.
    Once again a wonderfully valuable post on your blog. Thorough with a range of good insights. Definitely a recommended read to anyone inside or interested in mobile.

    Thanks for sharing the link.


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