Videos from Idejax

I’ve posted the videos from my talk Outside – the future is not in front of us at idejax.

1. Nokia X Burton Push snowboarding

“This means understanding the culture around the product, and this is often where technology takes a wrong direction, as technology is to focused on functionality and distribution, rather than understanding the core culture of the situation and identifying how the brand offers value to this setting.

The example here is Nokia Push Snowboarding, where technology has been implemented into the snowboarders equipment and clothing, measuring everything from speed to heart rate, rotation to air-time

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This is not interesting because of technology, but because how it ads to the culture of snowboarding.”

. Fiat eco:)rive

“We need to ad additional experiences to the real world situation – in order to expand it.”

3. Augmented (hyper) reality

“With all this rapid change we need to distinguish between the web and the net, where the web to a large degree is about online being an information distribution network and the net being about connected technologies.

We to easily imagine that the future will be about more information, which creates horrendous scenarios for digital communication.

This video by Keiichi Matsuda on is a good example of this…”

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