It’s not the Japanese, it’s STILL the carriers

The biggest hurdle to innovation in the mobile space lies with the carriers, to settled down in their old business models to open up an embrace the services and solutions people want and society crave.

Michael Mace over at Mobile Opportunity supports this view, adding fuel to the fire by revealing research saying that Japanese aren’t any more technology apt or interested than we are (western society), but their carriers are

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    That’s a result of the aggressive rollout of integrated phones and online services by Japanese mobile phone operators — the real driver that I think makes the Japanese mobile market so different.

This supports the previous mentioned quote by Danah Boyd stating that:

    “Right now we have huge barriers to innovation in mobile space. The ideas of what could be done with mobile far extends beyond what the carriers will ever allow right now.”

And of course this little jem, Boo-Hoo For You:

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