In an era of customer self-realization and engagement, excellent customer service and technological advantage is not enough

. Innovation and development based on generic drivers does little more than just that; create generic companies


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Business, technology and customer insight are great for identifying what, where and how to increase business advantage – but without a direction, a guide telling them where to invest and what to ignore – investments will be non-directional and non-compliant to customers who want to understand what the company is and which direction it is heading

In a world laden with design tools for shaping business and increasing customer engagement, the one thing that gives companies direction and identity is missing

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. The tools we are promoting are short-sighted and single-minded. They aim to solve one piece brilliantly without looking at the entire puzzle.

This is why positioning and positioning strategy needs an update to the 21st century marketplace and consumer culture. Businesses need to know what they want to be before they start choosing what they want to do.

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