The Beginning And End of Customer Experience

In 2015 we stop referencing customers as marketing costs, and start identifying them as business outcomes.

In the meantime, here are several excellent resources on Customer Experience:

“Customer experience … is a fundamental dimension of how a company competes.”– Joseph Pine, coined the term Experience Economy

“the rest have been forced to care because all other means of differentiation have been eroded over time.”– Ed Thompson, Gartner

“client-side marketers worldwide ranked the customer experience as the single most exciting opportunity in 2015, at 22%” — eMarketer

Customer 2020: Are you future ready or re-living the past — Accenture

“Too many companies see customer experience as a slogan exercise

. We realized that if we didn’t build our strategy around how customers experience our products, a start-up with that focus could eventually overtake us.” — Philip Gerskovich, senior vice president, Zebra Technologies

Is Don Peppers Wrong? His definition doesn’t help us create customer experiences — just keep people out. “The Customer Experience Is: The totality of a customer’s personal interactions with a brand, over time.” — Don Peppers

“As we confirmed in our “Next 30-Year Vision,” which we created in 2010, our ultimate goal is to alleviate sadness and increase everyone’s happiness to the greatest extent possible through the Information Revolution.” — Letter from the CEO, Masayoshi Son

Telus shifted its direction to Customer First and asked the question: How are we going to serve the customers better? The result is a proven success on all familiar business measurements, from shareholder return, growth and market share, to employee engagement and not least; customer value. — The Creative Economy — New Management Practices for the 21st Century

Starting with the customer they asked “what is the most important thing we can do for this customer”. And then they put the most important employees on the task of solving that most important problem
. This was implemented across the whole organization with autonomous teams approaching different levels of problems. The result was outstanding, Salesforce for the fourth consecutive year, has been awarded the most Innovative Company by Forbes. — The Creative Economy — New Management Practices for the 21st Century

“If the position [Customer Experience] is lower down [than C-level], it tends to get buried in operational requirements.” — Amanda Whittaker, Deloitte

”great customer experience correlates to loyalty metrics like retention, enrichment and advocacy. But it’s difficult to build differentiated experiences based on what you think you know about your customers

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. Loyalty insights, combined with other sources of customer data, can help customer experience teams create and deliver personalized experiences that inherently exceed expectations.” — AdAge


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