Management intuition for the next 50 years

McKinsey publishes some thoughts/intuition on management and strategy for the next 50 years
. It’s a thorough article first exploring the forces at work – where I find the way they have identified and explained technology as an accelerator is very well put. They also go on to highlight possible inflictions in the collision between the forces at work and the implications when it comes to management. 

I have taken the liberty to present some quotes from the article below:

A highly recommended read in the McKinsey Quarterly by Richard Dobbs, Sree Ramaswamy, Elizabeth Stephenson, and S
. Patrick Viguerie

McKinsey | Management intuition for the next 50 years:

“The collision of technological disruption, rapid emerging-markets growth, and widespread aging is upending long-held assumptions that underpin strategy setting, decision making, and management.”

Forces at work:
1.Dynamism in emerging markets – The shift in the weight of the global economy toward emerging markets, and the emergence of nearly two billion consumers who for the first time will have incomes sufficient to support significant discretionary spending, should create a new breed of powerful companies whose global expansion will take place on the back of strong positions in their home markets.

. Technology and connectivity –
 We are in ”the second half of the chessboard” – Ray Kurzweil. Our new intuition must recognize that businesses can start and gain scale with stunning speed while using little capital, that value is shifting between sectors, that entrepreneurs and start-ups often have new advantages over large established businesses, that the life cycle of companies is shortening, and that decision making has never had to be so rapid fire.

3. Aging populations – These trends have profound consequences

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. Without a boost in productivity, a smaller workforce will mean lower consumption and constrain the rate of economic growth

Management implications
Harnessing market momentum in the years ahead will require covering more geographies, more industries, and more types of competitors, prospective partners, and value-chain participants—as well as more governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders. All this will place a premium on agility: both to “zoom out” in the development of a coherent global approach and to “zoom in” on extremely granular product or market segments

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