Input Variables — video, ADCE Barcelona

There is a gap between what we want our organizations to become and what we put into them to get there.

This is the video from my talk at ADCE, 4th European Creativity Festival in Barcelona 2017. Thanks to Kris Hoet and the ADCE for inviting me

NB! The talk starts at 2m28s

I’m trying to help organization figure out what kind of data to put into their organizations to make them tick

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. And working on this problem I get the impression that there is a growing gap between what organizations want to become and what data they put into their organizations to get there


If a company is feeding itself on poor data and poor insights, or old data and old insights

. Wouldn’t that just set the company up to believe they are doing a really good job at meeting the future, but in reality they are just solving old problems?

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