For every purchase there is a need and a measurable valuable outcome

I have an hypothesis:

In every situation where we (as customers) buy something we are responding to a need and a measurable valuable outcome we are hoping to achieve.

And this conscious / subconscious thinking is readily available to us if we just give it a few minutes (or seconds) to reflect.

So I want to propose a fun test:

A. Think about the last thing you bought. It can be anything. Earlier today, yesterday or over the weekend. What did you buy? e.g. a pack of gum

B. Why did you buy it? What happened (context or need) that motivated you to buy the product? e.g. I want to get rid of bad breath

C. How would you measure the valuable outcome? e.g. no bad breath

And I propose that if you want to quickly understand your customers this simple hypothesis building exercise is an effective way for the team to engage in conversations about the customer and getting to some tangible actionable experiments and insights — to start your learning process.

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