Jobs-to-be-done + experimentation

Combining Jobs-to-be-done with experimentation offers an effective way for the team to start learning and seeing the world from the customer perspective.

While strategic statements articulate what the world looks like from the firms perspective the jobs-to-be-done statement uses the voice of the customer to describe what it looks like from theirs.

When combining Jobs-to-be-done [JTBD] with experimentation the statement doesn’t have to be perfect. You are just starting your learning journey and the whole point is change, so why overdo it before you start learning?

The trick is to combine JTBD with riskiest assumptions testing [RAT] which invites the team to interrogate their statement. Ask: what has to be true for the Jobs-statement to be true? The team them comes up with 5, 15 or 50 underlying assumptions. They prioritize them to find the riskiest ones and then start testing to start learning.

Even with an imperfect statement from the start, the team still has a learning path and quickly starts optimizing and improving their statement uncovering knows, unknowns and unknown unknowns.

The combination of these tools is a fast simple way to get a team to start connecting to the customer and build their new insights into their strategy and decision making.

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