With learning comes demands

Learning leads to new insights and new knowledge. It challenges, enriches or makes existing ideas obsolete. Every day the learning team finds how they can improve on what they did yesterday — and in here lies the dilemma of any learning organization: 

With learning comes demands. So do you really want to learn?

Here are a few things I’ve experienced the learning organization needs to want:

1. To commit to what you are learning whatever it is? What are you not prepared to commit to?

2. To be surprised? Learning is about breaking with your preconceived ideas. Do you want to spend time and resources testing something where you have no idea of the outcome?

3. To admit you don’t have all the answers? Are you willing to move forward without certainty?

4. To admit there is probably a better answer, you just haven’t found it yet?

5. To keep changing all the time? Or do you want to stay the course no matter what? What is your tipping point?

Learning includes feedback loops, openness and commitment. And these are hard. The most important question for a learning organization might be:

Do you really want to learn?

Because you really need to want to…

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