Knol is everywhere

Everybody is discussing Google’s new launch; Knol

  1.  On the official Google Blog.
  2. jeremiah Owyang
  3. Stowe Boyd
  4. Robert Scoble
  5. The BBC
  6. +++

But this isn’t only infringing on wikipedias turf, but to a larger extent a blueprint copy of Seth Godins concept Squidoo.

As by Definition  Knol will be “the first thing somebody who searches on a topic for the first would want to read”.

– if patient is on nitrate therapy, stop viagra online (1) Alter Modifiable Risk Factors or Causes.


Now Wikipedia is an online dictionary, and as a result it can often be a nice place to start, but Squidoo is by definition a place where knowledable people on specific topics gather resorucful informtaion and links so that a person searching for a topic for the first time gets a perfect start of the block


Same same but different?

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