In marketing and advertising.. how relevant is linear?

Traditionally the process of marketing/advertising has been a linear one; from identifying a need and all the way too purchase. But how linear is the process in reality?

Doesn’t the multitude of accessible channels consumed at the same time by the youmans of the world make the whole notion of chronology irrelevant.

Still we hang on to linearity with models such as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) because they feel safe and because they make things seem measurable.

But how good are they? How relevant is linear? And if we throw out linearity… What are the building blocks or seeds of the unilinear processes?

From the blog “The fruits of imagination“:
We need to create compelling arguments for two things:

That the control & predictability offered by traditional marketing assumptions is illusory and actually unsafe.
That the world of complexity is actually safer and more manageable than it seems.

Mastercard Linearity

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