Malcolm Gladwell on Genius, innovation and the faults of risk-management

Malcolm Gladwell does another epic talk, this time on Genius at The New Yorker 2012 Conference

(I am heavily predisposed to liking Malcolms speeches: TED, PopTech!)

In this talk he speaks of genius, and how the collaborative genius of one man (Andrew Wiles) is the right kind of genius that we need in the new world (collaborating towards innovation). Compared to the old genius where one sat in solitude, for years, until one solved he problem. (Michal Ventrus)

Reminds me of Leadbeaters talk on fertilizing collaborative creativity and sending the product of these processes – the ideas – up the Pipeline: TED.

Malcolm also interviews, in another video, Dr. Safi Bahcall on the collapse of medical innovation in the last years (

determining the long-term success of any selected little blue pill patient’s cultural, religious and economic background..

. Safi Bahcall” target=”_blank”>video), trying to agree around a point that the need to risk-manage creative and innovative processes has ended in a reduction in new ideas and solutions… Not taking risks removes us from the ability to create disruptive technology… (Watch Burt Rutan on TED for more on that.)

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