Designing identities part 1 – creativity and design

The way we are making and selling design is becoming generic and confusing

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. One of the challenges is that design, as creativity, is described as a product, an end goal

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. When the fact is that neither design nor creativity is a result, it’s a description of how we get there not what we will end up with.

I suggest using the term “design” correctly, for its unique abilities, purpose and meaning. The goal would be to offer a product with clear direction and intention, where staring into the unknown is still tangible, where the initial idea/spark has grown into a shared dream and where the need to articulate the process hasn’t created any premature answers.


This is the introduction to a rather lengthy article being broken up into three installments and published on This first installment discusses our vernacular; both the term “creativity” (which I published here previously), and the term “design”.

Two takeouts:

    …A simple question to answer is: ‘Is there bad design?” And I would say no. Bad design is not design, if it does not fulfill its intended goal, if it doesn’t solve the components of a brief but veers of on its own, its decoration. Of course, one could argue that the language and instrument used is different from the personal preference, but there is a big difference between liking something based on gut feeling or personal taste, and evaluating a work of design
    . There is a difference between liking the posture and personality of a spoon and evaluating the craft of the spoon and its ability to work as a kitchen utensil. Of course, personal taste is an important aspect of the visual language, but do not confuse taste with craft…

    The best way of assuring that everybody comes up with the same ideas is to give them the same tools, the same models and the same mindset to work with. This is the way the linear development model works. The design process knows that if you are to discover something new, then even the design process itself needs to be original, and it does this by acting organic and responsive to the temperature, explorations, discoveries and insights found during each iteration…

… Jump over to and read the whole article.


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