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When writing short summaries for up-coming talks I often find myself articulating a broad range of ideas in a very dense space . Forcing out…

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Technology itself is just a black box and can exist as something uninteresting and unused for years . But it is the articulation of that…

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Should clients have 100% veto power over designers and creative’s art direction and design? Firstly they are paying for it, and secondly their product and…

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In the communications hierarchy, there are four main field’s positioned in relation to each other. Could visualization introduce a way of understanding their role and…

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If an identity is to create value through identifiable and differentiating qualities, it can’t be designed through employment in the latter stages of a standardized…

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Design for interactive platforms has devolved inside a form of vacuum, and positioned itself outside of every other design discipline. Which is weird, as its…

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A presentation on the future opportunities in media, turning threats into insights into opportunities. The presentation future media – no more middle men, is an…

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Every traditional marketing campaign is a customer purchase, that is no revelation: ROI and CPC, CPM, CPA are all standards . But I suggest there…

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This last year has seen logarithmic changes in marketing, fueled by different concepts like Utilities, AR, The Collective Exchange of Ideas, Transmedia, Digital becoming ubiquitous,…

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Kevin Slavin of Area/Code states in this brilliant video from 5D Conference (previously published on this blog) that TV is an event, something millions of…

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