The difference between old and new advertising – in one sentence…

What is the difference between old ad new advertising. It’s a long explanation, but it’s summed up in a sentence at the end :o)

Marty Neumeier gives a modern definition of a brand in his book The Brand Gap

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“A Brand is a persons gut feling about a product, service or organization”

Cross reference that with Barry Schwartz (I think), saying that a brand is formed in the reflection of the usage of the “product, service or organization” after this experience has taken place

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Gitte Lindgaard’s research, one of many researchers doing relevant studies, states that our reflection of an experience is influenced by our anticipation of the experience – created before or in the first visceral moments of the experience.

A brands is therefore our personal reflection of an experience, influenced by our anticipation.

Old advertising is all about creating the right anticipation, making sure the participant has the best possible outset before the experience, coloring both the usage and the reflection

New advertising is about the experience, creating it, particiating in it, adding additional experiences to enforce and diverse the brand. New Marketing is all about the experience.

Now, the challenge is.. being an expert agency in both…

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  1. […] I would claim that a few “powerlaws” dominate when it comes to brand related communication. These limit the creativity of the marketer to storytelling through the publishing of narratives, creating anticipation before experience. […]

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