The Brand Molecule Concept

Is dividing your brand communication into a range of ideas – spread through different experiences – not only a fascinating thought, but also a very smart move in order to enforce the brand?

Dion Hughes over at persuasionism references John Grant and his theory on The Brand Molecule Concept.

    Having one, monolithic brand communications idea is essentially unbalancing your communications portfolio

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    . Much wiser to have a cluster of efforts, all working towards a common goal.
    – Dion Hughes

I hadn’t heard this term used before, but found it, and the analogy it creates strikingly useful when tying Stephen King’s “totality” …

– It’s the totality of the impression that matter – not one channel, once.

… to what I am starting to reference as New Digital – communicating and sharing your brand through a range of experiences.

If I understand John and Dion correctly, they are contributing a great argument: That dividing your brand communication into a range of smaller ideas, [distributed and shared with your participants] isn’t just an interesting alternative – it’s instrumental in order to balance your communications portfolio – and move your brand forwards.

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  1. September 18

    Helge, thanks for the mention. Just so I don’t get John Grant arriving on my doorstep threatening to strangle me, the quote you’ve used in your cool slide is not from John’s book, it’s from me. Brand Innovation Manifesto is filled with much, much better.

  2. admin
    September 18

    OK:o) Dion, I will correct it :o) But, how can John be any better?

  3. December 1

    A little late to the party perhaps but I too have been inspired by Grant’s brand molecules. So much so, in fact, that I based part of a recent excursion into the topic of “Brand Strategy by Design” on the idea. I thought you might find it interesting:

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