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If our future friends are our objects, how would we communicate with them? In his lecture from SXSW Douglas Rushkoff discusses how the population at…

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A presentation on the future opportunities in media, turning threats into insights into opportunities. The presentation future media – no more middle men, is an…

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Delivering immediate effect might not be the best business model for designing long-term valuable marketing initiatives. Advertising is known for getting peoples attention and affecting…

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How come design for technology is so inherently anti-human that we had to invent a whole new industry around it just to band aid the…

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Every traditional marketing campaign is a customer purchase, that is no revelation: ROI and CPC, CPM, CPA are all standards . But I suggest there…

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In the spirit of Planningness and Adrian Ho’s post on his and Rob’s session for creating the planning tools for new-marketing and new-planning: “We’ll get…

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There has been some local frustration regarding the lack of ambitions on the future of mobile marketing . I’ve been part taking in some discussions…

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Availability can not be underestimated, two reasons for this: 1. First, a minor mindset thing: People want to choose their own arenas, not be forced…

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Display advertising was designed to work inside a traditional media format, tailored to a certain context of media use. As this use-context changes with the…

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