Some of our own medicine

Gareth Kay over at brand new publishes his chart deck from a presentation he held in Brazil, where he argues that “Planning needs some Planning“.

His point being, as I interpret it
. That we are moving into, or learning ourselves into, a new understanding of how advertising should work
. And if we don’t understand this, and react, it could mean the end of advertising as we now it.

Three statements from the slideshow on

    . We are operating in the wrong business.
    We should be in the “culture” business we are in the “consumer / brand” business
    2. Lost in translation. We act as if we are in a different relation to consumers than we are.
    . The pursuit of the wrong objectives.
    Awareness, attributes and image doesn’t appeal to participants. They want energy, and momentum.

Planning need some planning, on

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  1. December 13

    Some great stuff in Gareth’s slides there.

  2. December 14

    I agree Paul, looking forward to his follow up posts, as he has promised to write more in depth about two or three of the main points.

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