Paying more attention online

Bizreports reports on video ad effectiveness online compared to television

A recent study from the Simmons brand of Experian research has found that people pay 47% more attention to video advertsing and 25% more attention to programming when it’s online.

The study also found that 18% are more engaged with advertsing in general when it’s online and that ads on your regularly visited sites are more trusted.

Another study (which I unfortunatley can’t find) also found that  that viewers online tend to view their regular shows as they can not be tied down to specific airing times on regular television. People don’t mind the smaller screens, but care about the content and want to watch it when they feel like it

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A lot of theorizing surrounding the earliest cases of advertising youtube-hits also showed that the value of “free” advertising on youtube ammounted to millions of dollars, and that the value of a person purposely visiting and viewing the ad online has a much greater value than a person merely being exposed to the same ad while watching TV.

Bizreport uses the study to suggest that businesses should start looking at online video advertising in context with online programing.