Creating Contagious Conversations Between Platforms


If digital is not a silo, but a set of cooperative platforms, then it is all about using a collection of activities to send and ignite conversations between and on other platforms

. Not forcing everything onto ONE campaign site but creating a range of activities each based on different platforms best abilities.

    I’m trying to resurface the term “digital is not a silo” as even though it simple to say out loud, it carries a very complex concept on it’s back

    . I’ll give it yet another shot to deconstruct and explain it – love to hear your thoughts.


The greatest challenge to any advertising channel is getting filled up, clogged up and bogged down by more and more intrusive and obnoxious advertising. This is the challenge of display/interruption/messaging advertising – it fills up and becomes more difficult and more expensive to use with deteriorating success.

So, even though the format still runs like clockwork for advertisers, the future of advertising is not MORE display advertising, it is utilizing the mechanics and dynamics of the online conversation in order to create buzz, attention and interest on arenas where we are not interrupting conversations, but contagiously igniting them.


As the air around our citizens thickens with unwanted messages and interruptions, the goal should not be to ad to the unwantedness, but to create deliberate and appreciated value.

Because people won’t stop communicating, but will get better and better at filtering, so it’s the valuable stuff that will spread between people, igniting conversations between participants who trust each other and the content the other party is recommending

In this context the silo-mindset becomes mindless, because it limits the communication to the platform chosen, while the goal is to ignite conversations through and across platforms and arenas. To use the display advert to ignite a mobile phone activity to ignite an online forum discussion to ignite a mobile application treasure hunt in the city environment to ignite a forum quest…

It’s only content producers and providers who care about platforms, people don’t. They care about concepts, ideas and conversations, about stuff that is meaningful

potential benefits and lack of invasiveness. Historically,47Intraurethral Therapy How long does sildenafil last?.

. If it’s across anything it doesn’t matter – as long as it’s accessible WHEN and HOW they want it, with value that is obvious, uncomplicated and attainable.

“Digital is not a silo” means: creating contagious conversations between platforms.

    – Which ads to the argument that it is not about technology, it’s between people.

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