Our risk taking and risk seeking nature and incentives

Mythili Chandrasekar over at Coffee and donuts with JWT planning writes an excellent mark-up of the planning process behind the Nike Mean Streets ad.

In the blogpost Mythili writes:
“Moments like Kumble bowling his heart out with a fractured jaw, Sehwag refusing to play it safe and risking a six when approaching a triple century, Yuvraj and Kaif relishing the pressure in the Natwest run-chase or the VVS Laxman-inspired epic turn-around against the all-conquering Australians at the Eden Gardens.We realized that cricket is not just about skill and brilliance and timing alone.”

This reminds me of the presentation Why do we gamble and take needles risks by Keith kendrick:
“An important immediate take home message is that for any species to survive natural selection will favour individuals prepared to take risks in order to promote their survival and that of their offspring. ”

Kendrick continuous to mention how young males performing risky actions tend to make sure other people are watching while performing them

Humans taking risks are instinctivly more interesting and admirable compared to the risk averse and “comfortable”

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Playing on risk might be a subconscious motivator for engagement and involvement, and Chandrasekar and his JWT might have just created another proof that it can be true.