Why being first became even more important

The need for companies and marketers to “be first” isn’t diminishing with new technology, quite the opposite, it is becoming even more crucial

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The reasons are simple:

    1. How you communicate is becoming as important as what you communicate. The choice of platforms, arenas, channels and technologies are growing so fast and giving each marketer so many opportunities, where one chooses to reach out and connect with participants will become as important as the uniqueness of the message itself.

    2. Marketing and advertising are moving from display advertising in neutral media channels to creating deliberate value in situations and contexts where the brand is relevant
    . Being accessible WHEN products are used or WHERE our company and it’s values are relevant will be of vital importance to brands – owning the experience is crucial.

You see, it’s not about beating each other to death with competing punch line messages in display ad formats, it’s about earning ownership of the experience where your products are used and brands are shaped. Losing on these arenas has far greater consequences than loosing out in a standard format banner ad space.


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  1. April 1

    Great post. As a long-time digital media planner, I can tell you that going big, being first, and ultimately standing out is far less reliant on making a splash with homepage takeover ad formats, and even rich media. Sure its fun, and sometimes engaging. But can you remember the last 300×250 or 728×90 banner you interacted with, and for how long? When’s the last time that most of us have even clicks on a banner and interacted with a micro-site for more than 2 minutes?

    The scariest thing is that the spaces that marketers need to be in now may not be as scientifically measurable as ad campaigns running in DART or Atlas, but at the end of the day, what really matters is that you are stepping into new territory every now and then. Hopefully, one day brands will be the first in such category.

  2. April 1

    Brilliant stuff David. Very valuable thoughts on this, it seems as if we agree a lot :o)

    …but I could already tell that by your excellent slideshows.


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