The end of WAP (finally)

The WAP is dead (or it should have been many years ago), and the only way to get people to use Internet services on the mobile phone is to avoid the dreaded and uninspiring text-based interfaces of the old technology and embrace the possibilities arriving with handsets designed more for the human brain rather than the flexibility of plastic and possibilities of technology

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Demonstrating this is new numbers from Google showing that memans (humans) owning a iPhone (with it’s visual, software-key interface) is using google 50% more than memans on other small-screened and hardware-key handsetes


Fortune: iPhones initiate 50 times more searches than other handsets, says Google
(via The Future of the Media)

Also, have a look at this Norwegian clip from DN-TV discussing the other problems of WAP concerning pricing-models (pay-per-minute) when accessing the internet via mobile

And the book Mobile Marketing which points out that WAP’s problem is that it is an extremely difficult and expensive platform for development (limiting creation of content) and, again, it’s pricing models

If you haven’t got an iPhone, zip over to Opera who’s mobile browser launched last summer accomplishes much of what the Iphone also accomplishes – on any handset.


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