New project from the squidsters

Seth Godins team, behind the quite interesting project Squidoo, launches another project called Hey Monkey Brain where the intelligence of the world can debate whatever through different threads they start themselves.

It will be interesting to see if this gathers the same nichee momentum as Squidoo is aiming for, or if it turns out as a generalist forum for memans (self-centered humans) picking fights through aggressive un-intelligent articulation.

The team behind already sends out mixed signals with both appealing to the intelligencia through the articulation in the subtitle “where smart people go to argue”.. and further down the page the more tabloid “call to action” motivation: “pick a fight”.

Top discussions already include classics like smoking or non-smoking, egg or hen first and Mac vs. PC
. But also more specialized topics like Stephen Colbert is God and Gandalf vs

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