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I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of many before me and publish my slides separately on

I’m not sure how this turns out, or if it generates any value for readers, listeners and participants, but please let me know if there are any comments

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. :o)

Two things I’d like to note:

    . Sorry about some of the file names, the idea of publishing them only came to me this morning, while I’ve been speed writing file names for over two years now :o)

    . All images are Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license, as with the pictures I’ve used.

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  1. April 23


    Thanks for sharing your slides…your work continues to inspire me, brilliant work :)

    The fact that you share all of your insights in multiple formats (blog, slideshare, flickr, twitter) goes hand-in-hand with what you believe in and preach.

    Thanks again,


  2. April 25

    Hi David
    Thanks for commenting and the kind words :o)

    I think you’re right regarding the sharing, my point has always been that my ideas are the product of a combination of someone else’s thoughts and it would be very selfish of me not to contribute back when others contribute so much to me.

    .. and of course it has payed of in multiple dividends. I started blogging in order to collect my thoughts and articulate them better, but it has turned out that sharing leads to readers and contacts and friends, as you are a brilliant example of. And these friends share, inform and inspire me many times over what I ever could have inspired myself.

    So I’m guessing being a blogger and sharing ideas is somewhat of a privilege.. :o)


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