Make It More Human

I’m really appreciating this presentation by Renny Gleeson on TED. Talking about our culture of availability and shared narratives.


That today sharing narratives sometimes are becoming more important than experiencing the narratives themselves. And that it becomes crucial for the creators of technology for which we share these narratives to make it more human.

– I’m thinking this should be just as relevant wisdom for applications and tools, as well as products.

In Gleeson’s own words:

    “We are creating the technology, which is going to create the next shared experience, which will create the new world.

    relative safety. Alprostadil is widely approved worldwide• CHF (III, IV) What is sildenafil?.

    . so please, let’s make technologies more human, and not less”

Find the presentation on TED or below:

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  1. timo
    April 21

    …there seem to be some problems with your feed links. It always says “No input file specified.”

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