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An article in Washington Post discusses the mobile phone as it’s penetration now reaches half of all humans on earth (3.3billion)

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A long, but interesting article with a couple of highlights:

1. The mobile phones penetration has gone from zero to 3.3 billion in 26 years, that’s faster than the Polio Vaccine. That is the fastest technological diffusion in the history of human beings
. (The Internet has shown some years ago to penetrate with three times the speed of the mobile phone, I don’t know how it’s coming along now? :o)

. The tighter the group, the more they use the mobile phone
. The mobile is compared to other technology undebated an enhancer of social interaction, not a diminsher of it (as some claim).

Personally I think the mobile phone is the most exciting technology we have at the moment, laregly because of three things:

1. The social aspect (mentioned in the article)

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2. The Media aspect (which I feel we are overly focusing on, and will have to wait until we get the proper soft- and hardware sollutions to service memans needs.)
3. The interactive aspect (What happens when the physical world becomes as interactive as the digital? An extremely exciting question which the architecture-sphere is already discussing).

Mobile polio diffusion

Social tightness with mobile

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