Coke Zero and the pre-campaign blog

With quadruple the intensity of the Sony Bravia blog (if you remember the blog launched right after the San Fransisco/Gonzales/bouncing balls tv-ad, where they where talking and showing some slides and shots of the upcoming/in-production sequel with the exploding cans of paint in the Glasgow high rise)

Anyways where as the Sony-blog was a new concept at the time, it had little interesting content and very weak appeal, the new Coke Zero Campaign blog on the other hand is right on. Delivering on brand and intensity, with good content; lots of nice RELEVANT (that’s what the Sony blog was missing) videos, high quality still shots and with enough women, explosions and cars to make your hart go WHOP!

Really nice production from North Kingdom, shows that the “pre-campaign blog” concept has a lot of potential

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Coke Zero Blog

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