Childrens habits on the net; not so dangerous after all

An article in the national newspaper VG (paper edition) presents new research by The Norwegian Media Authority proving that the “fear-scenarios” created by sceptics and national press concerning childrens use and exposure of the Internet is far from grounded in reality.

Amongst the findings concerning “safety” where:
1. Genereally speaking kids (8-12) are exposed to a lot fewer unpleasant experiences than teenagers and grown-ups.
2. 21% og kids (8-12) have been asked to give personal informationto strangers. Only 3% of these did.
3. Only 1% believe that all the information on the Internet is true, 32% believe that most information is true
. (diminishing strongly each year).
. 81% say they have or follow rules for using the Internet at home

Amongstthefindings concerning “usage” where:
1. 41% of kids (8-12) play games on a digital platform daily, but 55% spend less than two hours weekly on these games.
2. Amongst the teenagers time spent on the internet averages 150min a day, second only to spending time with friends (182min)
. TV comes in on 4th place with 113min.
3. 98% (8-18) have access to a PC at home. Of these 97% have access to the Internet

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4. 73% use the Internet daily.
5. Most boys use the Internet for games, most girls for homework. Other popular activities for both sexes are: Downloading music, e-mail, surfing for fun stuff.
6. Boys prefer (games): shoot ’em up, sport/car, roleplay, while girls prefer partygames, humor/cartoongames, strategy.
. The main challenge for kids and teenagers is their inconsiderate distribution of images of others.

Read about the research and dowload the report here (norwegian).

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