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After reading an article on George Lois and the first Xerox TV-advertisement I have been predisposed for som curiosity concerning this ad legend

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. Adweek does a 3 minute interview with Lois on Good Karma Creative. (view it here)

“If I was a young man I don’t think I would go into advertising. 98% of the clients they all took marketing courses and communication courses. They all where thought that advertising is a science. Huh?? Advertising is art.”


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  1. Rajko
    December 9

    I want to get into creative advertising. I am 54 , I have not worked for 8 years because of an accident ( brain injury). I was always creative but now i can’t hold back, it over takes me.I have had a good life.
    “I believe everything is possible
    and everything is impossible its up to you”

    What do you say


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