How emotions work to create preference

Two main traits of the human brain work together when creating brand preference: Energy conservancy and emotions.

Where as the brains need to create preference stems from it’s need to conserve energy / survival instinct (read more…)
. Emotions help us create this preference

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The important thing here is that emotions is not the brain being lazy, it’s the brains way of evaluating and labeling a choice (and then being able identify preference.)

How does this work? Let’s again look to Daniel Gilbert:

Gilbert says that great psychologists in the end are measured by how they finish the sentence “men differ from monkeys because they …”
. And Gilberts claim is that they synthesize future.

What does this mean? “synthesize future”?

When faced with a decision of a specific proportion we imagine ourselves “using” the product or the product being in “use”. We do this by recalling previous experiences that we find relevant and that helps us understand. Images based on our previous experiences which we collect because we find them relevant to the situation
. Our emotions connected to these previous images are then mixed and creates an end-state emotion that we connect to the choice at hand.

Now the brain works in such a way that emotion created from imagining things has the same effect as real situation emotion

Some quotes to support this:

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Gilbert(larger image…)

Somatic Marker Hypothesis
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