Social media silo

Social media is not social media
. Facebook is an operating system, not a destination
. Digital is not a set of silos, its an eco-system of solutions and ideas.

When the term Web 2.0 got replaced by Social Media the landscape started filling with experts (brilliant people) on dialog and participation
. Which is great, but to an extent we seemed to narrow these ideas to a limited set of outlets, to be found inside the artificial category called social media platforms.


But there is something about participation, connecting and making things that seems so much bigger

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. And coupled with the notion that the communication world pre-Internet might not have been the century long standard, but just the result of a recent set of devices introduced to the market, which had changed the way we communicate for a shorter term.

These devices (broadcasting devices) have been affecting how we as humans communicate, but now the Internet is bringing us back to the way it used to be – more human like.

This idea might be completely idiotic, or absolutely true. And if its the latter, then there is no social media silo. And participation, connecting and making things need to be de-siloed, and we need to start combining them with everything (including broadcasting) to a much larger, intrinsic degree.

The focus here is on intrinsic

Not more so have I seen evidence of this than from this brilliant presentation by David Gauntlett, who in the first half of the video below combines the effect of modern devices on human communication (and more) with philosophers like Illich and Morris.

And it is absolutely brilliant. Go visit for more

(video found via JohannesKleske)

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  1. January 21

    Bang on Helge. I’ve been thinking a lot about how, just prior to the dawn of the internet we as a society were likely as far from each other as we had ever been; glued to televisions, the cult of celebrity reigning and vast swathes of society sectioned off from each other.

    Like an elastic band just before breaking point, we’ve been released and are now rocketing back towards one another, and industry after industry is colliding in the process; some are being merged into something new, some are exploding at the speed of light.

    The only thing siloed now are the old business models – the very same ones that are coming undone.

  2. January 22

    Hi David
    I particularly appreciate Gauntlett’s graph showing the dip in “the era of television”. And then getting back up again with the emergence of digital collaborative solutions. As you point out in your first and second paragraph.

    The point of my post was to say that in order to make real of the statements in the video, and create real value for people and companies, we need to de-silo our vernacular in regards to social media and start implementing the whole idea of participation and dialogue into a broader spectrum of what we do – intrinsically.

    We need to be careful so that we don’t fall into the siloed mindset with our new business models as well – we are dangerously close.. :)

    Thanks for contributing.


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